Where Do You Live Now?

Where do you live now? If you are a registered member and logged in then you can enter your own location marker below. You can be as accurate or vague as you want!

Instructions on how to add your own marker using the form below (note the form will only appear if you are Registered and Logged In):

1.   Enter your name in the “Marker Name” box.

2.  You can try to locate the address by entering it in the “Address” box. The more detailed the address the easy if will be for Google Maps to find it.

3.  Enter where you currently live, as accurate or vague as you wish, in the “Marker Description” box.

4.  If you have found the address using the “Address box go to 6. otherwise click on the “Add by Click” text so that a box appears around the text.

5.  Go back up to the map, find where you lived on it by scrolling & zooming the map then click your mouse somewhere close to where you currently live.

6.  Please resist the temptation to change the Icon.

7.  Click on the “Save Marker” button

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