Where did you live?

Where did you live when you were a resident of JHQ (or environs)? If you are a registered member and logged in then you can enter your own location marker below.

Instructions on how to add your own marker using the form below (note the form will only appear if you are Registered and Logged In):

1.   Enter your name in the “Marker Name” box
2.  Do NOT enter anything in the “Address” box
3.  Enter where you lived (House/Flat Number and Street Name) and also the years that your lived there eg. 1967-1972 in the “Marker Description” box.
4.  Click on the “Add by Click” text so that the text is highlighted
5.  Go back up to the map, find where you lived on it by scrolling & zooming the map then click your mouse somewhere close to the house (where the ‘hand’ shows and NOT where the ‘hand with a pointed finger’ shows i.e. inside the outline of the location/house/building)
6.  Please resist the temptation to change the Icon
7.  Click on the “Save Marker” button

Marker Form will be displayed only for logged in users. Log In

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