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Welcome to a new website for ex-pupils and staff of the former BFES schools in JHQ Rheindahlen, Germany.


The schools that are included are Queens School, Kent School and Windsor School, Rheindahlen.


These BFES Schools were set up to provide Secondary school education for the children of military and civilian personnel posted to the NATO HQ and nearby British Garrisons and RAF Stations in the lower Rhineland.


Windsor School, Rheindahlen, came in to existence in 1987 when Queen’s School and the nearby Kent School were closed and then reopened under the new name on the site of Queen’s School before closing it’s doors for ever in July 2013!


This website is intended to be more of a “documentary” about JHQ and it’s schools and not a Social Media style website as there are wide variety of Facebook groups covering this area (see Links section for a comprehensive list).


Registration will be possible shortly and will allow you access to private areas of the website as they become available in the coming months, as well as permit other registered members to request contact with you, or vice-versa.

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