New Headquarters in Germany, Colonel H. Grattan (C.B.E.), 1956
20/01/2021 - Fred Williams

A full account of the construction of the new British Army of the Rhine Headquarters (BAOR), Rheindahlen, Germany, 1952-1954 has been added to the website with the kind permission of:

N E Montagu, MA CEng MIMechE FInstRE, Editor of the RE Journal, The Institution or Royal Engineers.

To read the full document click "New Headquarters in...
The Future of JHQ Rheindahlen
08/01/2021 - Fred Williams

After RAF Wegberg Hospital had been returned to the Federal Republic of Germany in 2010, the main area of JHQ was officially handed over to the Federal Republic of Germany on December 13, 2013 after it had been completely vacated. Following the closure of JHQ many talks took place between many parties with many different...
“Letter to JHQ” – Natalie Guy, June 2012
09/11/2020 - Fred Williams

Even though we departed almost three years ago, I still cherish you immensely, JHQ.

Your regular appearances in my thoughts make me feel as though somehow you are trying to call out to me, and it’s because of this I long to see you again.

I have thoroughly wasted my time trying to explain you to my...
The following Document/Video/Map has been added
09/11/2020 - Fred Williams

A copy of the pamphlet "Notes for Parents of Boys and Girls attending Queens School" that has been provided by Chris Lawman.

A link to the video "JHQ Rheindahlen, Queens Avenue" created by © / Tony Lewis.

Links to the videos "ARRC Departure, 18th June 2010" and "Wegberg Hospital Handover, 29th October 2010" created by ©...
08/11/2020 - Fred Williams

Have a look at the different maps of JHQ, in downloadable PDF format, that have been created by Fred Williams.

The "interactive" maps allow you to navigate around the current "Google" map of the JHQ area.

Of particular interest are the "buildings" which have been overlaid to show the location of houses that may no...


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