“Letter to JHQ”
09/11/2020 - Fred Williams

"Letter to JHQ"
Even though we departed almost three years ago, I still cherish you immensely, JHQ.
Your regular appearances in my thoughts make me feel as though somehow you are trying to call out to me, and it’s because of this I long to see you again.
I have thoroughly wasted my time trying to explain...
Another Queens School Courier Uploaded
09/11/2020 - Fred Williams

14/11/2020 Another Queens Courier (1961) and The Annexe Special (1960) has been uploaded thanks to the "scanning" efforts of ex-pupil Penny Denby.
Thanks Penny!

13/11/2020 Another Queens Courier (1969) has been uploaded thanks to the "scanning" efforts of ex-pupil, Ray Chase.
Thanks Ray!

11/11/2020 Another Queens Courier (1956-1957) has been uploaded thanks to the persistent "scanning" efforts of...
08/11/2020 - Fred Williams

Lots of great maps added to the JHQ Maps section of the website!
Have a look at the different maps of JHQ, in downloadable PDF format, that have been created by Fred Williams.
The "interactive" map allows you to navigate around the current "Google" map of the JHQ area.
Of particular interest is the "buildings" overlay which...
Website Update
08/09/2020 - Fred Williams

Welcome to a new website for people who have had a connection to JHQ, Rheindahlen, BFPO 40, Germany.
The website will focus on the history of the JHQ Rheindahlen and it's schools.
The website will contain photos, videos, maps, newspaper and other media articles.
It will also have a library of documents that tell the story of...


Welcome to a new website for JHQ Rheindahlen, Germany, particularly the ex-pupils and staff of the former BFES schools located there.


This website is intended to be more of a “documentary” about JHQ, its past and its present. It is not a “Social Media” style website as there are already a large number of Facebook Groups covering this area (see the Links section on the website for a comprehensive list).


The schools that are included are Queens School, Kent School and Windsor School and, in time, the various Junior Schools.




Registration will be possible shortly and will allow you access to private areas of the website as they become available in the coming months.

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