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Welcome to what will be a new website for people who have had a connection to JHQ, Rheindahlen, BFPO 40, Germany.

Initially it will focus on the history of Queens/Kent/Windsor school Rheindahlen and the status of JHQ but may be extended to other areas of life in JHQ Rheindahlen.


Welcome to the redeveloped website for ex-pupils and staff of Windsor School, Rheindahlen, BFPO 40, Germany.


The school opened in 1955 to provide Secondary school education for the children of military and civilian personnel posted to the NATO HQ and nearby British Garrisons and RAF Stations in the lower Rhineland.


The school was renamed Windsor School in 1987 when Queen’s School and the nearby Kent School were closed and then reopened under the new name on the site of Queen’s School.


The intention of this website is to provide historical and current information about the school(s) as well as to help ex-pupils and staff to re-establish contact with others.


The reference to ‘historical’ is particularly apt as the school closed it’s doors for ever in July 2013!


Registration will allow you access to controlled areas of the website as they become available in the coming months, as well as permit other Registered members to request contact with you, or vice-versa (see News item on this page).


You can Register yourselves using the menu option above.

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